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Kalpakaaru is a leading provider of interior contracting services in India.

We operate principally in the fit-out  sector with a focus primarily on the retail sector. In addition, we are a provider of manufactured products with a specific focus on customised furniture, fixtures and equipment ,which we use in our in-house operations as well as provide to third parties. Kalpakaaru has steadily grown and expanded throughout India. Over the years, our company has managed to build up an association with suppliers and manufacturers, in addition to utilizing our own in-house capabilities. Tight adherence to our clients' needs is essential to our business. Our long-term relationships with our suppliers allow us to ensure punctual delivery within budget. We provide our clients with creative and achievable solutions of the highest standard, which can be stand alone or be integrated. Our philosophy is  to deliver excellence to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. Kalpakaaru has over 100 employees and operates through its offices in Delhi  Mumbai and Bangalore. It has the ability to execute projects pan India.